Wavesfactory – Cassette v1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX

Cassette is an audio plugin that conveys the unique character and sound imprint of an analogue recording. The one that offers the sound I’m in love with. This is not a tape recorder, this is a time machine.

Cassette is an audio plugin that mimics the sound of vintage cassettes. It was carefully modeled after an exhaustive analysis of a large number of audio signals recorded on real tapes. As a result, we get the same sound and behavior of the original units.

Magnetic tape is not an ideal medium. Because of this, he transmits his own sound signature to the signals recorded in it. These include various frequency characteristics, frequency-dependent saturation, high-frequency compression, hissing, noise bumps and much more.

Playback systems will also cause their fingerprints: wow, flutter, random high-frequency loss, crosstalk between channels, stereo balance and others.

All of these little quirks and random fluctuations were carefully modeled. The cassette captures instant nostalgia, movement and analog sensation everywhere in its path.

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