WA Production – Vocal Splitter 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Vocal Splitter virtual vocal processor released
For decades, sound engineers have used a specific vocal processing trick to help dim mono vocals jump out of stereo speakers. Now you can repeat this secret technique with one simple plugin. Vocal Splitter is a convenient universal device for turning monophonic vocals into modern sound. Of course, you can also hang this plugin on audio other than vocals …

• Creating a wide and modern vocal from a mono source
• Presets for one-click transformation * Speed ​​and depth set the strength of the effect
• Turn the dial to add grain and increase presence
• Mute button to use the source effect to send

under the hood – Vocal Splitter uses a combination the vibrato phase shift effect (which separates the left and right channels by asymmetric tuning of the channels) and asymmetric rectification of the left and right signals (creating a clearer stereo image). Combining these two effects in one plugin is a particularly effective way to create a clear stereo vocal signal with minimal phasing.

The central mixing knob sets the ratio of the dry / processed source signal to the added stereo signal. If you want to listen to the added stereo signal in solo mode or use the plug-in on the effects bus, simply press the “Mute Source” button, muting the source signal to hear only the processed Vocal Splitter sound.

Speed ​​& Depth Knobs – These knobs work together to control the behavior of the vibrato effect with a phase shift that separates the left and right channels. The channels are asymmetrically tuned, and these controls control this effect, so you can achieve any processing intensity, from slight thickening to full doubling.

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