WA Production – InstaCompose r 1.0.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64

Powerful composer – midi generator.
Sometimes inspiration comes to you quickly … but sometimes it’s the other way around. Instacomposer is your savior when creativity dries up or when you just need to replenish your talent. This MIDI generator plugin can compose melody, rhythm, bass, pads and chords at the touch of a button – all using artificial intelligence to create really useful and musical riffs. This is the next step in automatic song creation using a sophisticated algorithm to determine notes, harmonies and chords based on your personal preference. With that kind of composing power at your disposal, you will never again fall into a musical rut.
Artificial intelligence- The essence of Instacomposer is a hidden decision-making matrix that creates scores based on both math and musical knowledge. Plus, AI takes into account a variety of parameters that you can set on the bottom panel, from the likelihood of repetition to the complexity of chord shapes. Harmonic variation, strumming techniques, and note crowding are just a few of the myriad variations that can be adjusted by adding your own personal preference to the algorithm.
Complete Flexibility – Instacomposer is as unique as you are given the scale, size and length of the reef you choose. Choose to create new sequences for one, some or all 5 tracks and in any combination of melody, rhythm, bass, pad and chord.
MIDI editor- Built-in MIDI editor can be used to customize Instacomposer output in the interface itself. This means you can manipulate the music before it leaves the plugin, adding your own creativity and personal style to what the plugin offers you. Move, copy and delete notes in the familiar piano roll interface, even changing velocities.
MIDI export – Instacomposer includes a huge number of factory presets; useful musical tunes to help you get started quickly, which can eventually become the basis for entire tracks.
WA Production are true producers creating creative plugins to help you achieve studio quality quickly and easily.

Intelligent MIDI Generation plugin
Create Melodies, Phrases, Riffs, Chords & more
Infinite ideas at the click of a button
Generate 5 tracks simultaneously
Multi-track and Multi-channel routing
Automatic harmonies and chord progression generation
Comprehensive MIDI editing
MIDI drag and drop
Multiple time signatures
Many controls for Probability, Complexity & Variation
Factory Presets

3 Comments on “WA Production – InstaCompose r 1.0.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64”

  1. Real shame about this plug in if you’re an ableton user. Only works if you use a program like “patchwork” from blue cat and even then you have to load 6 vst’ inside of patchwork and it’s a hit on resources. Program is very fun though.

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