WA Production – Ambient & Cinematic for InstaChord

Discover a whole new world of chords for his next piece. Introducing Ambient & Cinematic for Instachord from WA Production.

If you are a gamer, film major, or just into making dramatic and over the top music productions than Ambient & Cinematic from WA Production is going to open up a whole new world of possibilities.
Whether you are looking to learn these genre-specific chord combinations or are a pro on the go, who doesn’t have time to sit and ponder lessons from music theory class. Ambient & Cinematic for Instachord offers you the chords you need. Now.

Ambient & Cinematic music must be delivered precisely. It must be powerful and explode on impact. These expansions will allow you to define mood-driven music that will grasp your listener’s heartstrings, fill them with fear and suspense, and even deliver feelings of nostalgia.

Ambient & CInematic for Instachord from WA Production will inspire you beyond your creative capacity. And will allow you to make something truly unique, exciting, and epic.

Product details:

50 InstaChord Presets
Installation Instructions for both Windows & Mac.

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