Voxengo – Plugins Bundle 2021.1 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Our goal is to provide convenient, reliable and efficient solutions for audio and music production, including mastering and surround sound. Voxengo professional audio plugins give you more creative options and help you improve the quality of stereo sound, surround sound, and music.

• BMS v2.4 – plug-in for bass surround sound control. The plugin is able to manage the low frequency content of the configuration channels up to Surround 7.1. The main purpose of BMS is to simplify the assessment of low frequency content, in non-LFE channels during mastering.

• CRTIV Shumovick v1.0 – creates a creative dynamic noise reduction effect. This effect is most effective for kicks and synth sounds used in electronic music production – EDM, hip-hop, and the like

• CurveEQ v3.8 – Linear Phase Equalizer

• Deft Compressor v1.10 –

Bus Compressor • Drumformer v1.9 – Multiband drum dynamic processor

• HarmoniEQ v2.6 – harmonic equalizer

• Marquis Compressor v2.5 – harmonic compressor \ gate

• OldSkoolVerb Plus v1.3 – old school reverb with special space

• Polysquasher v3.32 – mastering compressor

• Shinechilla v1.2 – harmonic generator

• Soniformer v3.12 – spectral mastering dynamics processor

• Voxformer v2.18 – vocal multi-effect processor

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