VOX – Kye Sones Vocal Anthems

Kye’s anthem vocals and top lines were used in compositions of the most prominent dance and pop music performers. Through collaborations with the likes of Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Pat Lok and many more, Kye has also achieved great success as an artist and songwriter with releases on Kitsune, Mau5trap, Sony, Universal, Columbia, Armada, Smash the House and Perfect. Havoc.

Kai is also a live vocalist and host of the live show Lost Frequencies, which travels around the world to sold-out concerts and festivals with outstanding performances. “Traveling with a great artist like Lost Frequencies, we play on main stages in front of a huge crowd, which was vital to discovering which songs and melodies really lift the spirits of huge audiences,” he said.

Kye Sones’ vocal anthems include melodies and earworm hooks with emotional and catchy lyrics. Powerful, festival-friendly vocals will lift your tracks and give the audience goosebumps with fun textures and soundscapes to bring your tracks to the main stage.

• 261 LOOPS

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