VOX – Cristina Lizzul Vocal Pack (WAV)

Lush, sultry, passionate vocals and songwriting by Cristina Lizzul create a mixture of chill, wavy vibes and great mood. Christina’s soft, feminine tone is reminiscent of Ariana Grande, Bebe Rexa, Sabrina Claudio combined with the swagger and flow of Jhene Aiko ‘and Kehlani. The Italian-American actress turned singer definitely knows how to surpass characters with her voice / lyrics and has amassed millions of Spotify streams across genres like pop, R&B and hip hop – all in the midst of songwriting for multiple artists between the US and Europe.

Expect to find fresh vocal hooks, huge ready-made phrases, thin and sliced ​​leftfield loops, and loads of FX, adlib, and spoken vocals that bite.

30 122 BPM Vocal Hooks (15 Dry & 15 Wet)
32 144 BPM Vocal Hooks (16 Dry & 16 Wet)
30 150 BPM Vocal Hooks (15 Dry & 15 Wet)
17 Chopped Vocal Loops
42 Phrases (21 Dry & 21 Wet)
15 Pitched Vocals
15 Adlibs
4 Vocal Cuts
7 Vocal FX
14 Words

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