Vandalism – Shocking EDM For ANA 2.0

“Shocking EDM For ANA 2” includes 68 carefully crafted presets from Vandalism. Use these sounds on your next club hit or experiment with Future Pop, House, Bass, Deep House, or even Tropical House on your next track.

The most popular genres require specific presets, and this release will provide unique sounds with ease. Check out why many of the industry’s most renowned artists continue to use Vandalism sounds in their products.
Shocking EDM For ANA 2 is the very first set of sounds for ANA 2. It was created not only to be versatile, but also to understand the basics of electronic dance music.

It offers awesome presets suitable for Future Pop, House, Bass, and even Deep and Tropical House. You should get such a carefully designed soundbank to make your products stand out with ease!
100% Royalty-Free!

• 68 Sonic Academy ANA 2.0 Presets
• 21 Lead Sounds
• 18 Synth Sounds
• 13 Bass Sounds
• 11 Pluck Sounds
• 4 Pad Sounds
• 1 Arp Sound
• 57 MIDIs
• 8 Sounds

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