Valiant Samples – Quartarone Guitar Reveries (KONTAKT)

New an electric guitar tool that will expand your imagination. Capturing the avant-garde sound of one of Europe’s greatest guitarists and composers, Claudio Quartarone, we recreated his signature musical palette inside this Kontakt instrument.

For media composers, producers and musicians, this immediately inspiring instrument is intuitive and easily playable. These ambient, sensual, abstract, cinematic guitar sounds and vivid musical textures will add color and depth to your music.

Use it by combining two sound sources, adjusting the effects for each one, as well as global effects. This means you can go to town creating your own unique guitar textures from the provided sound sources.

This library also comes packed with a vast array of presets to get you started. From more naturally played guitar sounds, to pads and keyboard-like sounds, as well as more designed textural and abstract sounds. Sometimes it sounds like a guitar, and other times like an organic synthesizer, but all the sounds contained within are derived from Claudio’s guitar.


Quartarone Guitar Reveries primarily works by combining two sound sources in order to create new and interesting resulting sounds.


Change the sample’s starting position as well as attack, decay, sustain and release of each Sound Source; and more thoroughly design your instrument.


Use the circle controls to apply Reverb, Filter, Saturation, Widening and Tremolo on the Main Page for both Sound Sources A and B. The larger the iris / circle dilates, the more intense an effect is.


Go more in-depth on the Effects Page and adjust specific parameters for Sound Source A or B separately.


Requires the Free Kontakt Player (or the full version of Kontakt 6.2 or higher)

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