UVI – Key Suite Acoustic (UVI Falcon)

UVI Key Suite Acoustic provides The powerful, dynamic, sometimes characteristic – and always mesmerizing – sounds of 20 acoustic keyboards, including grand pianos, stands, plucked strings and metallophones. Key Suite Acoustic is a one-stop acoustic key store that brings you a full palette of acoustic keyboard colors – from precision modern grandees to stylish saloon stands and early classic pianos.

As a result of UVI’s over twenty years of experience in sample-based instrument design, the company created Key Suite Acoustic to provide a banquet of deeply sampled, carefully recorded instruments with the level of sound quality and control you would expect from a professional. sound recording studio.

From the world’s most majestic concert grand pianos to the vibrant sounds of celesta and harpsichord, UVI Key Suite Acoustic brings something special to every project. Here’s what Sweetwater thinks: UVI Key Suite Acoustic is a library of acoustic keyboards made for you on a desert island, with 20 amazing instruments, multiple mic cues, customizable envelopes, filters and a studio-grade effect chain. You may never again reach for another acoustic key library.

This fabulous collection includes 20 instruments in four groups:

• Grand pianos: Model D, Italian F278, Japanese C7, custom hybrid, children’s grand pianos
• Stands: grand, German, delicate, tack, honky-tonki, compact.
• Plucked strings: harpsichord, clavichord, spinet, blanchette-tsembalo
• Metallophones: celesta, keyboard glockenspiel, Papageno bells, J-celeste, dulcitone

• Your library of acoustic keyboards on a desert island
• Complete palette of acoustic keyboard colors
• 20 carefully selected and carefully recorded instruments
• Includes grand pianos, stands, plucked strings and metallophones.
• Multiple microphone signals, customizable envelopes, filters and effects

To work with the bank you need a Falcon sampler
Installation: move the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R

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  1. The package is OK. The R2R file is working, it simply needs to placed in the proper location ‘ProgramData’
    Great collection of instruments!

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