Unison – Advanced Scales MIDI Blueprint (MIDI)

Introducing Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Blueprint. The world’s first and only instrument to instantly create complex chords, progressions and melodies in 15 scales.

With MIDI Blueprint Unison Advanced Scales, you can:

Get instant inspiration and finish your music in less time by always using the correct notes (regardless of genre or key)

Create cutting-edge chords, progressions and melodies in 15 complex scales that 99% of producers don’t know about …

Increase your chances of getting more attention, more performances, and more success as a music producer in 2021.

With it, you can quickly select from over 17,000+ MIDI files at your fingertips …

Drag and drop them into your projects to easily create crazy chords, progressions and melodies that will make your music stand out.

• 17000+-the-art MIDI-chord progressions and melodies (there is everything you need to instantly create professional tracks with a unique sound in 15 different scales)
• Key marked and ordering (do not need to spend time browsing folders or guesses to find what you need)
• Ready to drag and drop (we did all the hard work for you)
• 100% royalty-free (all the money you make from the music you make with MIDI Blueprint Unison Advanced Scales is yours)
• Built for all genres music (files inside MIDI Blueprint Unison Advanced Scales are required for all professional music)
• Can be used with any sound (you can play all chords, sequences and melodies on your favorite instruments and synthesizers)
• Compatible with all DAWs (including Mac and PC)

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