Ueberschall – Dark Guitar Tunes (ELASTIK)

Dark Guitar Tunes combines sophisticated musicality with a dark, raw atmosphere to inspire. Always haunting and somewhat sinister, musical moods create a dystopian atmosphere full of dark anticipation and unnerving thrills. Dark Guitar Tunes is the perfect starting point for your next atmospheric, experimental and disturbing music project.

There are 5 huge sets in the library. They are built from 3.6 GB of sample data and over 650 individual loops and phrases. These loops are very extensive, lasting up to 30 seconds or more. Each set contains several music sections, as well as introductory and concluding sections.

Thus, the user has many options to create their own unique layout in each set. The original tempo ranges from 78 to 102 bpm, but of course you can fully customize the pitch and tempo with Elastik’s powerful sample playback engine.

Instruments include acoustic, electric and distortion guitar. In many cases, both mic and DI versions are provided, so you can add your own choice of guitar processing if needed. The playing and performances are complex, quirky and somewhat experimental, giving the library a unique musical character.

Other instruments include electric bass (also with a DI version), acoustic and electric pianos, synthesizers, and various sound effects. For drums, the sound is deep and harsh. Pre-mixed drum loops are provided for all music sections, but you also get a full set of loops for every drum kit part, including kick drum (internal and external mics), snare drum (upper and lower), electronic snare drum, hi-hat, cymbals, and etc. toms, room and overhead. Thus, there are many possibilities for creating your own drum mixes.

The library is ideal for songwriters or producers looking to go beyond the mainstream, or composers looking to create a progressive guitar soundtrack. Dark Guitar Tunes is the perfect starting point for your next atmospheric, experimental and disturbing music project.

The Elastik player is the perfect plugin for modern music production. The ReTune algorithm allows you to change the key and scale of any tonal loop with the highest quality. All libraries are organized in one browser and can be mixed and matched against each other. All loops in Dark Guitar Tunes are tagged with key and tempo information, making it easy to quickly find and integrate into songs immediately.

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