Ueberschall – Country Loops

Country Loops is 5 GB in size and contains 1823 loops in 20 sets.
Each set contains up to eight chapters, each with an intro, an ending, and various verses, chorus, chapters and breaks. As usual, every detail can be combined with different sets without any problems. The speed varies from 80 to 176 beats per minute.

Drum mixes are divided into separate tracks: bass drum, snare, hi-hat, ride, toms, overheads and percussion. Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, steel guitars and bass guitars are a complete set of tools for creating any country music.

This structure and features such as key markings and tempo information provide a very simple way to arrange an entire track, including all the parts needed to create the perfect unique melody.

In addition, Elastik Player offers many DSP functions to customize phrases to suit your tracks. The center surface of the Loopeye focuses all attention on the loop and enables innovative sample editing.

Thanks to zplane.development’s advanced elastique pro algorithm architecture, real-time synchronization with the host is an integral part of Elastik 2. It also provides the highest audio quality and processor-friendly processing.

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