Ueberschall – Blues Rock (ELASTIK)

Great riffs and killer grooves. A modern take on the blues, but with a retro sound, Blues Rock captures that vibe in all its glory. Inspired by the pioneers of the Delta Blues sound, modern blues performers often combine elements of the original with elements of rock.

The result is a modern take on the blues, but with a very retro sound, and Blues Rock captures that vibe in all its glory. Built around 5 advanced kits, this Elastik library, with a ton of sensibility full of real blues riffs and a rhythm section built for groove, is the perfect platform for your next blues-inspired project.

Each of these kits contains 3.6 GB of sample data and a total of almost 800 loops and phrases, and also contains 5 main music sections, as well as separate intro and ending elements. This makes the builders very flexible and you can easily create complete song arrangements. The instruments are dominated by electric guitars with two rhythm parts, as well as slide guitar and lead guitar parts. The guitars are accompanied by acoustic drums, electric bass and guitar FX. The tempos of the five sets are between 74 and 120 beats per minute. The usual high standard of the recording signal chain ensures flawless sound quality, but above all, these sounds exude mood.

For the electric guitar, each phrase is presented in two versions. The amp version provides a mix-ready blues rock tone, while the linear (DI) version lets you add your own choice of guitar amp modeling and effects. DI and amp phrases are also provided for the bass, which can be easily mixed to create the perfect bass tone for your project. Amplified bass recordings are large, bold and warm, with lots of low frequencies. Drum parts are presented as pre-mixed loops for immediate use, as well as separate loops for kick drum, sub-drum, snare drum, top of snare, bottom of snare, hi-hat, toms, ride, crash, room and percussion so you can fully customize your own drum mix if needed. And of course

Blues rock is perfect for songwriters and producers looking for inspiration for contemporary blues production, but with a characteristic garage rock vibe. It’s also perfect for media composers looking for an instant indie rock flavor with blues elements for their next music project.

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