Tritik – Krush Pro v1.0.0 VST, AAX

We are pleased to announce that KrushPro is now available! It has many new features that take the sound engine of our free Krush to the next level.

KrushPro includes our recognized bit-splitting processor, as well as the new Wavecrushing distortion module, based on an innovative wave-set processing algorithm. New tonal capabilities will also come about by adding a dual frequency shift / ring modulator module and two sections of input / output filters.
Many modulation options have been added, and KrushPro is the first plugin with full stereo modulation capabilities.

All modulators are stereo, and each modulation slot has a stereo balance control. The ability to modulate the parameters on the left and right channels in different ways brings something new to the table and allows you to create unheard of stereo effects!

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