Tritik – Irid 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Shimmer reverb. Irid is a creative reverb plug-in based on a dedicated reverb algorithm and 3 customizable voices with feedback control for added flexibility.

It stands out for its gorgeous textures and shimmering atmosphere.
With elaborate Feedback, Size and Diffusion controls, the Irid reverb processor is extremely versatile. It can do anything from grainy delay effects to rich and lush soundscapes.

Three custom voices, generated from the reverb signal itself, using two pitch shifters and a frequency shift, create stunning shimmer effects and beautiful harmonic textures, as well as dissonant and dark atmospheres. Each voice has an output level control and a “reverse” option to expand the timbre possibilities by changing the sound granules over time.

Like any other Tritik plugin, the interface is fully scalable and compatible with high-resolution screens. In addition, the layout of the controls is organized in an intuitive and concise manner, making Irid very easy to use.

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