Tracktion – Waveform 12 Pro 12.0.53 x64

Tracktion Waveform Pro 12 has arrived, and the developer says it’s the biggest update in the last ten years. The new version comes with many new features for a more intuitive and faster workflow. But that’s not all: Waveform Pro 12 also includes a new, efficient sound engine and many new plugins.

For starters, Tracktion Waveform Pro 12 includes several GUI enhancements designed to speed up your workflow. The most obvious of these is probably the new Smart Browser, which provides easy access to plugins, presets, racks, samples, clips, tracks and more. Now you can also color-code your favorite items, and view and combine project items in smart lists.

If you enjoy customizing the look of your DAW, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Color Editor is back and now offers light and dark modes. New unified action and property panels take up less screen space, and the Arrange and Mix windows now have a dedicated master track.

But there are also many upgrades under the hood. The new BassOSC tool will take care of all your sub bass cravings. At least 15 Waveform sound effects have been updated. Waveform Pro 12 also comes with six new utility plugins and a new low latency guitar IR loader for cabinet modeling.

MIDI editing is also made easier with new features such as “MIDI fold” and the new “knife” tool. There is a new event list editor and a new drum grid mode, which is an alternative to editing drum tracks with “piano roll”. New randomization functions for parameters such as speed, pitch, time and note length, as well as new “Step Clip” and “MIDI Strum” functions, help you add variety to your tracks.

Tracktion has also worked on the underlying audio engine, stating that the newly developed engine uses the processor much more efficiently. This frees up resources for new audio features such as podcast and dialogue editing tools.

Instructions for activation, switching the interface to Russian:

• (be careful, the keygen from R2R is universal and is intended, except for Waveform 12, for different versions of the program – select the correct version in the keygen menu)

• Activation is performed by keygen:
• 1. Delete previous versions
• 2. Install Waveform
• 3. Launch Waveform and close the registration/authorization window
• 4. Click “Continue with Demo”
• 5. Go to “Help -> About” to view the About window
• 6. Copy the MachineNumber and close the window
• 7. Run the keygen and enter data in the required fields (email can be specified for example + enter MachineNumber
• 8. Generate a license file
• 9. Drag the file to the Waveform window
• 10. The program is registered!
• 11. Russian language is added via Settings>Appearance>Get additional languages

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  1. MS Security and Malwarebytes say Contebrew.A!ml detected in Traction_Kegen.exe
    Leauger, is this in the R2R distribution or was it injected later ??

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