Toontrack – Latin Cuban Drums EZX

While rhythm can be the heartbeat of most genres, in Latin music, the pulse and beat is the very life force. In fact, in many ways, a groove is a song. Those who are not indifferent, meet and download, dance and play! Cuba is always with you!

The Latin Cuban Drums EZX features a handpicked collection of drums and a selection of mounted percussion pieces such as bells, woodblocks and a timbale. It was all captured at the famed Sear Sound Studios in New York by a team with a much-prominent status in the broad field of Latin music: Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated engineer Dave Kowalski and drummer Robby Ameen. Between them, their work spans from the early ’80s through to today and includes collaborations with numerous top artists, awards and accolades. In fact, Robby is arguably one of the most influential Latin-oriented drummers of the past few decades with books, instructional videos and much more on his CV – all on the subject of drums in Latin music.

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