Tone2 – Nemesis v2.4.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Nemesis can use both classic digital synthesis methods and a new approach called “NeoFM”. NeoFM is more powerful and easier to program than traditional FM. It offers excellent sound quality. A warm and creamy characteristic sound is generated by its engine.


• Lots of small improvements.


• Workarounds for many DAWs that incorrectly resized the VST3 plugin.
• Automation in the VST3 version did not work with parameters that were located after the 10th slot.
• Workaround for Ableton and FL Studio not properly conforming to the AudioUnit2 standard and not displaying the AudioUnit.
• A workaround for an Ableton bug that incorrectly configured VST3 version automation settings.
• Workaround for a Reaper bug that incorrectly displayed automation options.
• Fixed a possible crash

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