Tone Empire – Black Q 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

In Tone – Empire we are obsessed with “Sound”. We recently brought a vintage device back to life, building a hardware version in 6 months, replacing lamps, transformers and signal paths. The result was simply amazing!

Then, combining that with a versatile EQ design, we developed a tube equalizer – a monster in the DSP world, a kind of hybrid sound that goes from “clean and silky” to full “crisp” sound. TYPE A gives you a great “FULL” sound, including “big” low frequencies, while TYPE B gives you a crisp, enhanced mid / high frequency sound.

This selection allows you to use this equalizer for a variety of sound materials, from drums to vocals, pianos, strings, bass, synths and as the mastering device itself.

Added missing presets.

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