The Unfinished – Zebra Minima (SYNTH PRESET)

Zebra Minima – a collection of patches for the Zebra2 synthesizer focused on simple, dynamic movement .
Inspired by the works of Broadchurch, Hinterland and Mr Robot, the focus is on focus and rhythm. This set of sounds is designed for a leisurely and steady drama. Simplicity is everything and Minima was created to provide the heartbeat of your dramatic mix.
This kit includes both electronics and organics. Along with dense bass lines, lo-fi rhythms and distorted synthesizer riffs, you will find wave-like mallets, loops and glass ripples. The package is full of pulses, patterns and sequences on the fourth, eighth and sixteenth note.
Along with tempo-synchronized patches, there are several carefully designed, uncomplicated synthetic basses, analog pads, organic textures, and even physically modeled instruments to add even more atmosphere and lyrics.

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