The Unfinished – Drumstruck Bundle (KONTAKT)

Drumstruck contains all four volumes of the percussion loop series and contains 325 loops with grainy, dark percussion textures, including several powerful cinematic break bits.

All 4 versions offer many dark electronic bits and textured glitches. There are many deep, filled barrel loops and clear upper lines. Everything is processed with my favorite compressors, equalizers and distortion plugins but no frills. Just carefully programmed and created beats, perfect for a wide variety of genres, including cinematic, electronic, rock and pop.

The Drumstruck series is a quick and easy way to insert and remove loops on the fly, combining them to create new percussion textures.

Drumstruck 1 – contains deep bass barrel loops, dynamic hat loops and crunchy break bits reminiscent of the score of Harry Gregson-Williams for the movie “Telephone Box”. A lot of lo-fi, tension and dynamics.

Drumstruck 2 – loud, noisy, more distorted rhythms. If you like big cinematic bits like Harry Gregson-Williams, Linkin Park, Craig Armstrong or David Holmes, you’ll find something to use in this piece.

Drumstruck 3 – contains a slightly more crisp darkness, with an emphasis on synthetic, technical loops and a bunch of saturation and the smallest details.

Drumstruck 4 is deeper and darker, and it is a much larger library than the rest, with seven patches instead of the usual, including some sound effects and sfx. There are rhythms, digital drums, and even some fundamental sounds and individual acoustic recordings.

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