The Loop Loft – Nate Smith Drum Loops Vol. 1 (MIDI, WAV)

Known for its deep sound, explosive dynamics and ability to adapt to any musical situation, Nate Smith has become one of the most sought-after drummers in many genres, including funk, jazz, pop and hip hop. With its first release, Nate Smith Drum Loops Vol 1, Nate brings it all to your desk (and right to your DAW). This collection offers you the most punching drum sounds. Inside you will find more than 276 bits, fills and breaks with a wide variety of tempo, bits and styles.

Sessions include (Audio & MIDI):
• Big Bass 90bpm
• Clyde 130bpm
• Crispy 95bpm
• Halftime 79bpm
• In Three 195bpm
• Pure Pop 112bpm
• The World 89bpm

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