DSEQ is a dynamic processor operating in the frequency domain. DSEQ operates entirely in the frequency domain, providing very high frequency selectivity thanks to self-adjusting dynamic equalizers. DSEQ does its job with maximum transparency, even aggressively.

This avoids distortion, phasing and artifacts even with highly critical audio material. DSEQ offers several high-quality taming modes, even for single frequencies.

DSEQ provides a very easy to use interface. With just a few parameters (threshold, selectivity and attack / release), a wide range of assignments can be covered. Even the original set of parameters can make your mix more transparent. Just select a threshold parameter and lower it step by step. Now you can start focusing on specific frequency regions using pre-filters.

DSEQ comes with AB-LM Lite, which provides Loudness Matching.

Can be used in all mixing and mastering situations:

• vocal de-essing
• resonance removal such as drums, guitar, vocal recordings
• digital harshness elimination
• mix balancing
• frequency domain unmasking
• pink noise support for mixing / mastering

smooth linear phase dynamic filter
full frequency range processing, 10Hz – 22kHz
4 different quality modes: eco, normal, high and ultra
left / right and mid / side processing
global slope for detector signal (eg pink noise mixing / mastering)
12 independent pre-filter bands
side-chain support
multiple signal monitoring modes (pre-filter, delta, side chain)
multiple spectrum analyzing modes (stereo, left, right, mid, side)
perceptual loudness matching (powered by AB-LM Lite)
extended input / output meter, Peak / RMS / EBU / VU
narrow-band sweeping mode
sample exact A / B toggle for all processing modes
sample rates min. up to 192 kHz
“real” over sampling, up to 4x
EQ cheat sheets
precise parameter input
easy to use GUI
GUI resize up to 2x
preset management
full DAW automation support
64-bit internal processing
very efficient CPU usage design


• UPDATE: moved registered name from main GUI to about box


• NEW: input spectrum display
• NEW: custom threshold display
• UPDATE: smart AI custom threshold improved
• FIX: small GUI issues


• NEW: filter band listen mode (selected pre-filter)
• NEW: piano preset
• UPDATE: narrow-band sweeping mode (global listening mode): change filter Q with mouse up / down

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