TAQS.IM – TAQSIM Kontakt Pro Lead Sounds (KONTAKT)

Add a stunning collection of leading synthesizers, keyboards, strings and winds to your Kontakt sound collection with TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Lead Sound sample library. Created by musicians from around the world, this virtual instrument includes lead sounds commonly used in live situations by keyboardists in the Middle East. Synthesizers, accordions, violins, guitars, clarinets, saxophones and others that cut through the mix without any problems. This library contains over 1.5 GB of exclusive content. Whether you need a Balkan style synthesizer, an Anatolian wind instrument or a Mediterranean accordion, the TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Leads contains all this.


Accordian Trumpet
Accordion Bassoon
Accordion Bite
Accordion Clicky
Accordion Organ
Accordion Smooth
Organ Pure
Organ Retro
Organ Vintage
Supita Bite
Supita Muted
Supita Standard
Supita Thick


Guitar Jazz Soft
Guitar Nylon Wirey
Guitar Strat Glassy
Guitar Strat Thick
Guitar Strat Thin
Guitar Strat Wirey
Viola Bowish
Viola Electric
Violin Electric Bow
Violin Electric Gypsy
Violin Electric Octave
Violin Electric Resonant
Violin Electric Wirey


Bowed Lead
Cello-ish Lead
Clarinetish Synth
CZ-101 Celloish
CZ-101 Clarinetish
CZ-101 Flautita
CZ-101 Fuzz
CZ-101 Moss
CZ-101 Violina
DX7 Organ Simple
DX7 Organ Thick
Lazy Detune
Malfunctioning Lead
Muted Lead
OB8 Thin
Phasey Guitarish
Poppy Lead
Pressury Lead
Prophecy Clarinet
Retro Wow


Clarinet Bell
Clarinet Lead
Clarinet Simple
Flute Broken
Flutey Flutter
Gaida Electric
Gaida Lead
Gaida Phaser
Gaida Wirey
Kaval Blower
Mey Vibrato
Meyish Lead
Ney Fragile
Ney Spitty
Sax Balkan
Sax Power
Zurla Power
Zurla Synthy
Zurna Power


Accordion Clarinet
Flute Broken Breath
Fuzzy Bow
Guitar Flutey Flutter
Thick Wirey Guitar
Viola Power Synth

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