Studio Sounds – Skeletons (OMNISPHERE, WAV, MIDI)

Studio Sounds is pleased to introduce Skeletons, its own Omnisphere Preset Bank, inspired by the sounds of Metro Boomin and London on da Track. If you closely monitor the streets or watch the charts, both of these names should be instantly recognizable. Both producers created multi-platinum singles for the greatest contemporary artists and constantly helped set the tone and momentum for the production of trap music today.
Skeletons is an Omnisphere preset bank inspired by the sounds of Metro and London, which aims to combine the world of peppy, trapped textures with more muted melodic tones and colors. This leads to the creation of Omnisphere Bank, which is the engine for everything from the current dark trap sound to the crossed melodic trap sound that dominates broadcast and culture today. Created from the ground up with over 40 custom sound sources, you can be sure that this will be a profitable and unique investment for your sound library.

• 808’s
• ARP’s
• Atmospheric Pads
• Bass
• Bells
• Chord Hits
• FX
• Impact Hits
• Keyboards
• Leads
• MIDI Melody Kit
• Pads
• Plucks

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