Strezov Sampling – Trombone Ensemble (KONTAKT)

Recorded in the same auditorium as and our grand libraries Storm Choir 2 and AMS Brass, this trombone ensemble is a must for any composer writing orchestral music. Offering four different microphone positions (close, deck, outrigger, balcony), three dynamic layers and up to 7 Round Robin samples on the Staccatos, this library has everything you need to write complex and well-sounding trombone sounds.

This library is again a great example of our sampling philosophy of not subjecting samples to a lot of post-processing, but highlighting the lively character of the incredibly talented Bulgarian musicians we are privileged to work with. Therefore, the tonality of our brass instruments is best described as the sound of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

This module includes the following articulations:

• Normal Sustains
• Sustains Muted
• Short Marcatos Normale
• Medium Marcatos Stopped
• Medium Marcatos Muted
• Mariachi Marcatos Normale
• Staccatos Normale
• Staccatos Muted
• Crescendos Normale

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