Steinberg – VST Live Pro v1.1.20 x64

Advanced live performance system. Make your life easier with VST Live, the perfect live performance system. The unique stable software solution is designed for musicians who want to put on a great show with sound, light and video wherever you are.

VST Live comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, timing features for your music, lyrics and chord symbols displayed on other devices, videos, Cubase imports, MIDI tracks for direct DMX light control, and more.

From home practice to rehearsals with your band; From solo performances in bars, clubs and small parties to band performances and large stage productions, VST Live’s wide range of features make it the right choice for everyone.

This version contains the following improvements and issues resolutions.


• New Action: „Master Main Volume”
• New Hub Menu to open Hub and User Forum
• Added scrollbar step controls
• Added minor Chords
• Added row zooming controls to Chords view
• Added control to show/hide Chords editor
• Show warning message on renaming port names
• Added global Mute and Solo controls to Tracks and Mixer view
• Added option to save track Record/Monitor state
• Added option to create new setlist when activating setlist
• Added preloading for Stacks
• Show info widget while dragging fade-in /out of a clip
• Added preroll possibility before second 0
• Added zooming around mouse-wheel position to Tracks

Issues resolved

App Dead-Loop while closing import dialog with “X”
App Do no close global plugins while switching parts
App Crash while importing media project
App Remove empty folders from imported media projects
App Hub visibility broken with display scaling higher than 300% (windows only)
App Dead-Loop while color selector is visibly (windows only)
App Video Import dialog does not accept “NO” selection for Audio Import
App Main VU-Meter display in footer broken after loading new project
App Wheel events for horizontal slider broken
Actions Wrong data2 handling for dials and sliders
Actions Editing problems
Chords Editing with multi signature events
Chords “Minor” state will not be remembered
Chords Fixed synchronization (minor, short notation) to VST Live Mods app
Mixer Output ports lost with project save.
Mixer Channel visibility wrong while changing parts
Layer MIDI-Data are sent twice on activation
Layernot possible to select for MIDI Input
Layer Controller Map value reset fails
Layer Not always fire midi data on activation
Module Crash while panic
Part Trigger position lost while moving parts inside song
Plug-Ins Fixed missing key events (HALion Sonic SE)
Plug-Ins Improved more VST3 support (Pianoteq)
Songs Part progress is wrong while cycle is active
Songs Trigger display is not correct while loading project with multi signatures
Stacks Audio Input lost while audio panic, new buffer size, …
Tracks Crash when cycle is active and video is running
Tracks Tempo editing in tempo track is broken
Tracks Adding new signature events broken
Tracks Crash while deleting video track
Tracks Video Fade-In and Fade-Out are not working correctly
Tracks Changing first signature event working only on second time
Tracks Cycle dropouts for MIDI tracks
Tracks MIDI Instrument tracks lost their routing on changing or reloading songs
Tracks MIDI Output bus lost while switching between songs
Tracks MIDI file import do not fit with time signature
Tracks Signature editing broken
Tracks Missing shift control in timeline to scroll horizontally
Tracks Missing clean undo point
Tracks Missing undo point for MIDI Input assignment
Tracks Open output-bus control not working for DMX/Lyric Track
Tracks Output-Bus Menu is missing LAYER assignment options
Tracks Track offsets for Chord events
Tracks Video of next song not playing
Tracks Fixed crash when deleting tracks in sub folders
Tracks Fixed clip-event Infoline editing (start, end, duration)
Tracks Chord events are red on creation
Tracks DoubleClick to chord track to open editor broken
Tracks MIDI editor not updated when clip moved to new position
Transport Preroll state not restored

  1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
  2. Install Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.11.exe
  3. Install VST Live Pro 1.1.20
  4. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b4.exe

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