Steinberg – Cubase Pro 12.0.52 x64

Steinberg Cubase is a virtual recording studio. With its help, you can create a full-fledged musical project. Cubase integrates a wide range of musical instruments controlled by synthesizers, basic MIDI commands and interactive graphics.

To process VST instruments or audio tracks, you need to use different VST plugins that the user can download on their own, or choose from templates inside the program. The guitar is especially well worked out in the Cubase virtual studio. Of course, in order to fully use the program, you need to have a musical education, if the user is not a nugget in the musical field.

The studio interface is very complex and specialized, as it has many settings and functions. Kryaknuty – portable option allows you to use it for free and without installation.

• Torrent updated 01/23/2023 (Need to download)
• Does not require the installation of libraries in the system.
• Working folders Documents, ProgramData, Roaming are located in Cubase\App.
• Leaves no traces in the system and registry
• Absolutely all functions work properly. Everything is complete, without exception! Need to install Activation Manager Unlocker b4 (Who asks for a license)

  1. Don’t need Steinberg Library Manager
  2. Don’t need Steinberg Activation Manager
  3. Don’t need to install Cubase 12

November 22, 2022 – The 12.0.52 maintenance update is now available. We have received reports about issues with ADM exports and decided to release an immediate hot fix.

Please find all details below.

The update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

We have improved the following features and functionality:

Dolby Atmos

Multi-objects with LFE signals in their source tracks are now exported in ADM files as expected.

MIDI Remote

The MIDI Remote API functions “makeRepeating” for action- and command-bindings and the callback “mOnChangePluginIdentity” for host objects accessing insert-, strip-, or instrument-plugins are now working as expected.


We have improved the automatic replacement of plug-ins in older projects when newer plug-in generations are available.

Demo projects for Cubase 12 Version comparison

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