Spitfire Audio – Spitfire Studio Woodwinds (KONTAKT)

Your creativity, your control. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds is the third and final release in our Spitfire Studio Orchestra lineup. We aimed to create an incredibly versatile professional sample library, and by choosing AIR Studio One’s crisp and vibrant setting – a smaller, more manageable space than the lavish Lyndhurst Hall – we offer our fellow composers a woodwind library that conveys every grain in detail and depth.

As with our other studio libraries, we offer you a wide selection of instruments from the section – from guttural bassoon depth to brilliant piccolo sounds. Whether solo or sectional, you can choose any articulation from a variety of options and bring out the detail of your music with rips, keyboard noise effects, waves and sforzandi. Spitfire Studio Woodwinds boasts the broadest emotional range of performance in the smallest detail that will breathe new life into your orchestra.

Two years in the making, Studio Woodwinds is the third section of our new Studio Orchestral Library. It has all the cherished Spitfire traits: London-based session musicians, the finest instruments and an unprecedented signal path recorded by Grammy-winning engineer Simon Rhodes – in a space ideal for fine detail and velvety sonority. As with our existing symphonic and chamber ranges, we’ve taken an all-or-nothing approach: an encyclopedia of articulations, dynamic layers and RR for seamless, nuanced realism.

Spitfire Studio Woodwinds takes you straight to the roots of the section and instantly delivers results: 143 articulations on 11 instruments, including 7 solos – all recorded on a Decca tree setup with Schoeps mics. This unmatched detail and control extends to articulations that meet all traditional requirements but include advanced techniques such as Multitongue, Air and Key FX, staccatissimo and swells. Instantly usable and immediately musically, no matter what stage you are on!

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