Spitfire Audio – Orchestral Grand Piano 2.1 (KONTAKT)

Finally, there is a grand piano that sounds like it’s in the same room as your orchestra. This exquisite Steinway Model D concert grand piano was recorded at the world famous AIR Studios, where we recorded our symphony and chamber series. A classic all-rounder ideal for live performances and for adding texture to your scores.

Pianos are usually recorded in a very “scientific” manner, so for larger orchestral mockups and their realizations it is often very difficult to mix. To overcome this obstacle, we simply recorded the piano, like the rest of our modules, with the microphones positioned as they would be for any orchestral session. The end result is a piano sound like any of the great films recorded at AIR Studios.

Each note was recorded by seasoned AIR Studios engineer Jake Jackson using a variety of priceless vintage microphones through Neve ‘Montserrat’ preamps and a superbly maintained Studer 2 tape recorder, and then converted to 96k digital format through the finest Prism AD converters.

The library is represented by four microphone positions, which you can not only mix to suit the situation you are working on, but also automate for sudden changes in focus and depth. They can also be assigned for surround sound and 5.1 use.

The library was recorded to both tape and digital simultaneously, so you have the option to switch between the rounder and fuller tone of a tape source, or the slightly brighter and more fragile sound of a digital source.

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