Soundiron – Sonespheres 1 – Distance (KONTAKT)

Sonespheres is a series of unique atmospheric sound synthesizers, texture pads, evolving sound scenes, drones, and tonal environments created for Native Instruments Kontakt. Each volume explores the creative vision of American composer and sound engineer Blake Ewing, delving deeper into the aesthetics, stylized niches and concepts of special production.

Film and television composer and long-time co-author Soundiron Blake Ewing opens the series with Sonespheres Vol. 1 – “Distance”. He brings a sharp ear to his craft for the nuances of layering, rich details, smooth textures and powerful emotional weight. Each of the sounds in this library was created by hand and carefully crafted with a very clear artistic vision. Sonespheres 1 Distance includes a deep selection of new and inspiring content created from a wide range of acoustic instruments and vocal recordings, with a full range of necessary user controls to unleash almost limitless creativity.

• Bowed – 2 Categories with 20 Presets
• Guitar – 5 Categories with 57 Presets
• Piano – 2 Categories with 21 Presets
• Rhythmic – 3 Categories with 35 Presets
• Textural – 3 Categories with 35 Presets
• Tonal – 4 Categories with 44 Presets
• Vocal – 5 Categories with 59 Presets
• Wind – 3 Categories with 34 Presets

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