Sonus Paradisi – Krzeszow, Poland (HAUPTWERK)

sample library for the emulator body Hauptwerk

The organ was built in 1732-1737 by the organ builder Michael Engler, had 50 registers on three manuals with a pedal and was a characteristic instrument of the Silesian region.

Later, in the nineteenth century, some changes were made to its design and disposition, but as a result of the restoration of 2006-2008, the instrument was returned to its original state.

An unusual feature of the organ is the presence in it of the so-called chamber-tone, when all the registers of the back-positive and the four registers of the pedal are able to sound one tone lower, due to the displacement of the keyboard tract.

Here is the version of Wet, containing only the front stereo channel
No noise samples (key knocking and registers)

Memory occupied when loaded with full quality – 9.8 GB
Download with full quality: Installation: Copy the OrganDefinitions and OrganInstallationPackages folders to the Hauptwerk \ HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents folder, or select this folder to download the distribution (destination folder) to avoid copying ATTENTION! For the correct sound of the upper keys of the keyboards, you must set the Pitch menu to Equal temperament or load any temperament file from the Pitch menu – Load temperament

In addition, several transmission (that is, borrowed from another keyboard) registers have been added to the organ.These
registers do not occupy RAM and do not have a graphical clickable interface, but can be assigned to midi switches, midi notes and a computer keyboard
In the list, such registers are designated TransStop

TransStop rp Quintadena 16 (hw)
TransStop rp Unda maris 8 (hw)
TransStop rp Nachthorn 4 (hw)
TransStop hw Trompet 8 (ow)
TransStop ow Burdonflaut 16 (hw)
TransStop ow Unda maris 8 (hw)
TransStop ped Rohrflaut 4 (ow )
TransStop ped Flaut minor 2 (ow)
TransStop ped Trompet 4 (ow)

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