Sonokinetic – Grosso v2.3 (KONTAKT)

With Grosso Sonokinetic BV changes the paradigm of orchestral instruments phrase-based … again! Prior to our Minimal library, the level of control, while maintaining the authentic sound that live recordings bring to the party, was unheard of. We received so many positive reviews about Minimal that a “sequel” was inevitable. Simple sequels are not what we do at Sonokinetic, so if you look at what Grosso brings to the table, you will see a developed entity that is homo-sapiens with respect to the minimal homo-erectus.

We conceived this tool from scratch, using parts of the Minimal engine and rethinking many other things to adapt to the extra flexibility that Grosso brings. The main difference, in addition to the clearly elevated nature of the recorded material and the addition of the choral part and the secretly non-melodic percussion section, is that we divided the orchestra sections into several parts. The strings and choir are divided into low – medium – high, woodwinds and brass into low and high, drums for taiko and more traditional orchestral drums. All of these elements were carefully designed to work well with everyone else, resulting in millions of possible combinations of sounds.

The nature and huge amount of this raw material, as well as the additional flexibility that we had to offer you in an intuitive way, led us to a completely new style of interface and forced us to split the tool into different Kontakt .nki. Don’t worry, we laid out the keyboard switches so that you could still play this instrument in a “minimal style” with the whole orchestra on the same midi channel.

Grosso is a 12/8 sense library, and we set up a mechanism for working with 4/4 and 12/8 time signatures in your DAW. Although the tool was conceived taking into account the trailer and the style of action, the finished product is capable of much more, limited only by your imagination.

Visit our demo section to hear some of the songs created by the incredibly talented composers on our beta team, inspired by Grosso. In fact, many of the early reviews we received from these guys included the word “inspirational” and the word “exceptional”. If you ever find a tool that will help you get out of funk when you need it most, then this is it. We even included a random selection button to provide you with various combinations of patterns with the click of a button.

To complement the collection, we added a “transition builder” tool that aims to glue parts and grow to the climax. It includes chords of brass and woodwind crescendos and recognizes various types of chords, such as the reduced, extended, and dominant sevenths. Chords are built in place from a collection of recorded intervals. This designer tool also contains drums and taiko-fillings, as well as a fully reproducible patch for a multisampled tayko-ensemble, both in the form of an ensemble and individual drums. Please watch the video to see its capabilities in action.

At Sonokinetic BV, we are very proud to introduce you to GROSSO and cannot wait to hear the amazing things that you, our valued customer base, will do with it.

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