SonicLAB – Cosmos Saturn7 STANDALONE, VSTi3 x64

Cosmos – tool for computer music and sound design. Cosmos Saturn7 – sound art engineer, the final answer to the design of sound using a computer.
Cosmos is a dynamic mechanism of real-time stochastic synthesis, which generates complex sound textures with various event distribution processes.

Discrete sound events of a certain density are distributed in the time space, and their time and duration parameters are calculated using stochastic / deterministic functions.

Each macro event determines the duration of the meso-space, and sub-events are distributed within it.

Cosmos event distribution mechanism? is a hierarchical embodiment of several timelines.

The user intervenes in the system, controlling the parameters of the distribution of sound events in meso and microtime.

All transactions in real time; The user can enter the sound source at the micro level or access various types of synthesis and modulation generators.

Cosmos represents a hierarchy of several timelines during the event distribution process + recursive audio feedback + a complex modulation scheme built with stochastic / deterministic functions.

Cosmos represents the sound being as a multidimensional vector in space, transformed into a continuum.

The composer can continuously change it in timbre space, associating the start / time / density / onset transformations with frequency, amplitude, microtimbra and spatial distribution transformations.

Complex sound creations that cannot be processed by traditional synthesis methods can be quickly formed.

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