Soniccouture – The Hammersmith Professional Edition v2.3 (KONTAKT)

Is your perfect piano? ..It may be. The piano is very personal. There is always another “greatest”: more samples, more articulations, more tricks. Hammersmith is our view on this.

We think that Hammersmith plays calmer, sounds cleaner and much more realistic than any other sampled piano.

We hope you agree.

• When you play a note on a piano, one string rings.
• When you play a note and press the sustain pedal, all the strings ring.
• Most piano VSTis only do the first thing, and then fake the second thing.
• We recorded both.
• 21 velocity layers per note with sustain pedal up and down.
• When you press down your sustain pedal, you’ll understand why we did it.

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