Sonic Extensions – Nylon Sky (Omnisphere)

Extension for Omnisphere 2.8.0d and higher.

• 323 SOUNDS
• 285 SCENES

• From guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit
• Exclusive new “Sky Verb” beautiful shimmer reverb effect!
• Exclusive new “Sky Channel” Class-A channel strip effect!
• Gorgeous hybrid ambient guitar sounds and organic textures
• Realism control adds lifelike imperfections – breathing, noises
• Easily mix between three mic channels – Tube, X/Y, Wide
• Fingerstyle, Picked, and Flamenco performance styles
• Muted, Tremolo, Harmonics, and other playing techniques
• Extraordinary new Strumming feature with Humanity and Life!
• Build your own strum patterns with new Arp step modifiers
• Round Robins, Legato articulations, and much more…
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

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