Sonible – smartEQ 3 v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Simultaneously process up to six tracks at a time with 24 filters, M / S processing, smart states and more another.

Sonible’s latest AI-powered smart plug-in: EQ 3, marketed as “the world’s first multi-track equalizer”. It is capable of analyzing multiple audio tracks to create spectral balance and remove unwanted resonances.

smart: EQ 3 has an interface similar to that of its predecessor, smart: EQ 2, with a new group view that uses cross-channel processing to correct conflicting frequencies for up to six tracks.

With the Group View, you can organize the analyzed tracks into a three-level hierarchy to decide which ones will stand out in the foreground and which will play a supporting role.

For example, you can place vocals at the top of the hierarchy, which is easily achieved using the drag and drop function. This can be bypassed for a quick A / B check.

Smart: The Sonible engine is built into the plug-in to provide AI-powered processing.

According to the Austrian software developer, the artificial intelligence system is built on signal statistics, psychoacoustic principles and hands-on experience mixing with specific profiles for sound sources. Thanks to these features, tracks can be analyzed “with one click”, Sonible says.

After selecting a preset profile for an instrument, such as keys or drums, the smart: Engine is activated to listen to the sound, examine its properties, and automatically apply smart: filter. Smart: filter quickly creates spectral balance and enhances the tone of the selected instrument.

You can then fine-tune the filter parameters to your liking, as well as choose from 24 standard filters. Mid / side processing is also available.

A Dynamic parameter has been added to smart: filter, which allows the filter to dynamically adapt to the incoming source material. This is accessible through the filter widget windows. Along with these features are linear phase and zero-latency filters for live EQ and post-processing.

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