Sonible – smartComp v1.0.2 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

smart: comp is the latest addition to the sonible plug-in AI product line. This unique spectrodynamic compressor finds parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds. Smart: comp also provides unmatched transparency through frequency-selective processing. With this multi-dimensional approach, compression has evolved to the next level.
smart: comp is the synergy of intellectually enhanced time-domain compression and superior spectral compression. Smart: engine – an AI-based content system developed on the basis of psycho-acoustic principles, as well as extensive practical mixing experience – works behind the convenient and intuitive interface of this new plug-in.
The compressor in the time domain recommends the most appropriate settings for threshold, ratio, attack and release with one click, since spectral compression dynamically tracks the tonal balance of the input signal.

  • Our release does not require the installation of iLok driver.
  • Our release loads faster and use less memory than original.

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