Sonible – SmartComp 2 v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64

smart:comp 2 automatically produces transparent and accurate results; giving you the creative tools to take your sound from pleasant to extraordinary.

Audio compression with artificial intelligence.

Incredible Sound – Your Tracks Deserve Nothing Less
Auto-parameterization, spectral compression, and AI-powered sidechain muting of the smart:comp 2 all work towards the same goal: clean, well-balanced compression results that stay true to your input signal – whether you’re working with individual instruments, instrument busses or entire mixes. By analyzing the characteristics of your material, its intelligent processing will increase transparency and preserve important details without compromising signal integrity. With the support of such a sound base, you can go ahead and unleash your creativity.

Inspiration gives more opportunities.

Use the full potential of formation dynamics
This extremely versatile compressor is loaded with features that allow you to give any track its own unique vibe. Gradually shape the character of the compressor with the style bar, and darken or brighten your results with the color bar. The free-form transfer feature with its templates allows you to perform complex level mapping.

Smooth control and real-time monitoring.

Everything you need at a glance. Working with smart:comp 2 is simple and intuitive. All the most important compression parameters take center stage and are as familiar as operating a conventional single-band compressor. With input level riding, you can focus directly on shaping your track dynamics instead of worrying about level issues. smart:comp 2 gives you real-time monitoring elements such as instant impact prediction that immediately reflects every parameter change across the entire signal, compression display, and an RMS histogram that describes the overall dynamics of a track.

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