Serato – Sample 1.4.0 61 VSTi x64

DJ software specialists Serato have announced the Serato Sample. This is a sampler plugin that aims to bring the speed and lightness of a typical DJ work environment into a complete workstation. It’s also important for developers that sound quality is critical. Currently, you can subscribe to the public beta and try it yourself.

Works with most music production software including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Maschine.

Recognizes tonality and its change. So, you can define the key and then shift it using the Pitch’n’Time function.

Finds and matches samples using the Autoset function. With one click, a special algorithm finds the 16 best samples to work with.

Using Cue Point in your workflow. It uses the popular Serato DJ workflow to create and launch pads.

Sample manipulation. Manipulate each pad individually. Change the key, tempo, and more.

Serato color schemes. Visually recognize tracks without listening to them. Red for bass, blue for high frequency parts.

New Features

• Pitch ‘n Time On / Off – Switch Pitch’ n Time off for a traditional pitch fader workflow. Ideal for sampling 808s, or ensuring higher-pitched samples play faster and lower-pitched samples play slower in Keyboard Mode
• Quantize – Turn Quantize on to ensure all your cues snap to the Beatgrid
• HiDPI support for Windows – Sample now scales correctly on Windows HiDPI displays
• Beatgrid Improvements – Enjoy more editing controls for better Beatgrid precision, including ‘Set Grid Start’, TAP Tempo, grid metronome and more.

Other Changes

• Fixed a crash when opening file dialog with multiple Sample instances running in FL Studio
• Fixed a crash when deleting or moving a cue while host automates its parameter
• Fixed a bug where playing a source song enables delete button for favorited cue
• Fixed a bug where cue can’t be resized when resize handle is too close to Grid button
• Fixed an issue where there is an audible click on trigger mode cue release with filter applied
• Fixed a bug with audible clicks when releasing cues in hold mode
• Fixed a bug where key Shift Pad autoset mode available after SHIFT + deleting cue
• Fixed a bug where entering ‘+’ or ‘-‘ symbols into BPM fields results in “NaN” value and unexpected undo behavior
• Fixed a bug where LE Activation and Upgrade messages overlap after license activation
• Sample will no longer install on MacOS 10.11 and below

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