Samplesource r – Spinet 1790

Samplesourcer sampled this beautiful 18th century spinet in high quality 24-bit waveform and turned it into a very useful natural sounding Kontakt tool.
With built-in triggers, all keys and dampeners will sound as realistic as the original instrument. Initially tuned to 41.5, but reconfigured to 44.1 for optimal use in modern orchestration.

108 samples

Samplesourcer has sampled this beautiful 18th century spinet in high quality 24Bit wave format and constructed it into a very useable and authentic, natural sounding Kontakt instrument.
With the build-in release triggers all keys and dampers will sound as realistic as the original instrument. Originally tuned in 41.5 but re-tuned to 44.1 for optimal usage in modern orchestration.

A spinet is a smaller type of harpsichord or other keyboard instrument, such as a piano or organ. The bentside spinet shares most of its characteristics with the full-size instrument, including action, soundboard, and case construction.
What primarily distinguishes the spinet is the angle of its strings: whereas in a full-size harpsichord, the strings are at a 90 degree angle to the keyboard (that is, they are parallel to the player’s gaze); and in a virginals they are parallel to the keyboard, in a spinet the strings are at an angle of about 30 degrees to the keyboard, going toward the right.
The other major aspect of spinet design is that the strings are arranged in pairs. The gap between the two strings of a pair is about four millimeters, and the wider gap between pairs is about ten. The jacks (which pluck the strings (see harpsichord)) are arranged in pairs as well, placed in the wider gap.
Samplesourcer recored this powerful instrument in full stereo. Please, listen to some

Samplesourcer is continuing this library from Sonokinetic. This library is identical in content and formats as it has been when it was sold by Sonokinetic.

There is no new content in this product compared to the ‘old’ version.

• 1 close recorded Spinet
• 108, 24 bit wave samples (55 release trigger samples)
• 1 kontakt instrument (Kontakt2 compatible)
• IR preset Samplesourcer Recording Room (Spacedesigner)
• DVD-cover and license agreement
• Download size 83.9MB (zipped)
• Expanded file size: 112.3MB

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