Sample Magic – Jazz Hop 2 (MIDI, WAV)

Inspired by the jazz era, rough bedroom rhythm and dusty sound design, Jazz Hop 2 returns with the quintessential collection of hundreds of professionally recorded and processed loops and singles. This deep and emotional collection is a treasure trove of sumptuous guitars, pianos, aged woodwind, antique brass, timeless compositions and dusty drum beats. Dive into a vintage archive of expertly crafted and carefully selected sounds that highlight the best of blues, chillout, hip-hop and more.

Jazz Hop 2 goes to great lengths to record a vast collection of instruments such as flute, saxophone, clarinet, double bass, brush drums and guitar. The highlight of the collection is slicing each sound onto an Ampex reel-to-reel tape recorder and then pressing it all onto vinyl, recreating an antiquated and rustic sound that captures the sound and atmosphere of our favorite jazz records.

• 357 LOOPS
• 23 MIDIs

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