rigin Sound – Late Night Beats – Homegrown Hip Hop (MIDI, WAV)

Let the wavy atmosphere of Soulection Late Night Beats will take you to a new level of cold.

A fresh set of samples from Origin Sound offers you a huge arsenal of sounds, from short bass lines, rich electric keys, guitar guitars to peppy drum loops. Whether you are looking to start somewhere or trying to find a pattern to complete the rhythm, this package will help you on your journey.

Starting with music loops, chords offer mature harmonic progressions that are hard to find in the world of samples. Loops, such as Beauty, which offer a lush set of strings that seem to merge with each other, and a Pristine loop that resembles the dry style of Sam Jellitree. Bass loops provide the perfect balance between a solid lower limit and a shade of a higher level of character. Laidback loops fit perfectly in your pocket around the beat, filling the track. Each cycle is accompanied by MIDI, which makes it easier to understand and change sequences.

If you prefer to start the song with drums, delve into a deep folder with a quick and dry drum loop. Beats like “Loop 14” show the perfect amount of swing with a washing percussion. Let Loop 10 hit you with spinning tall hats and a stylish laser effect. Each beat in the drum folder mixes up, ready to be thrown right into any project. There are also separate versions of the drum loops to provide maximum customization, as well as additional percussion loops so you can style your own beats.

To complete continuous packaging, there is an SFX folder filled with useful add-ons. From noise loops and field recordings to vibrant harmonic frames.

Late Night Beats is a useful tool for producers with any skill set. Whether you are a beginner using the package as a training tool, or an experienced veteran who needs some inspirational sounds, this package has something for you!

• 60 Drum hits
• 15 Drum loops
• 15 Perc loops
• 10 Extra percussion loops
• 10 Bass loops (w / MIDI)
• 10 Chord loops (w / MIDI)
• 10 Melodic loops (w / MIDI)
• 20 Musical one shots
• 15 SFX

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