reFX – Air-nexus 2 2.2.0 by reFX VSTi x64

Fully working Nexus + full pack of sound banks for it.

  1. Download all that is here. If you already have fruit on a typewriter or version 9 is okay, that’s fine. then immediately go to point 4
  2. Put the fruit and ASIO4ALL, it will be installed during the installation of the fruit.
  3. After installation, click on the reg file and cheers, the fruit is no longer a demo)
  4. Download air-nexus2.iso, this is a nexus, mount it using a daemon (Daemon tools) and put it on your computer.
  5. From the mounted air-nexus2.iso, copy the nexus content folder, for example, to the fruit folder or somewhere else the nexus should find it himself.
  6. Download AiR eLicenser Emulator Setup.exe and also set it, preferably from the administrator’s rights, there it’s further and further it is ready.
  7. Download FOR NEXUS 2.2.rar they are additional banks of sounds for the nexus and the contents of the archive are thrown either to the desktop or to any other folder, if it’s easier to install these banks on the desktop, after installation they can be erased.
  8. Add the nexus to the list of plugins. In the pattern, click on any sound with the right key and select insert, press More (more) and there we press refresh, the fruit will update the list of plug-ins and put a tick in front of the nexus.
  9. We go in the nexus and it looks for the nexus content folder on your computer (it may take some time)
  10. Put the banks. We click on the SYS button in the nexus and in the open window; if you saved the banks to the desktop, click on the desktop and wait a long time, we don’t touch the computer (you can move the mouse), even if you roll the banks crookedly (I had such an exact just turned off), but if the banks are not on the desktop, then instead of the desktop button, click import data and put one bank at a time.

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