Pulsar Audio – Mu 1.1.5 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

The most faithful emulation of a modern, but legendary tubular compressor / limiter is the perfect glue for mixing and mastering

There are several reasons to use a variable displacement compressor. One of them is the exceptional transparency of compression that this type of compressor can achieve, even when it is sharply reduced. Another – and perhaps the most common – is their ability to add grip or “glue” to buses, whole mixes and craftsmen.

Unfortunately, original equipment is expensive and difficult to integrate with “embedded” workflows. Software emulation exists, but most hardware owners agree that they cannot be compared with the original device, because there is always “something” missing.

Thanks to its unique topology preservation technology, Pulsar Mu sounds objectively identical to the hardware in every production context and even makes improvements such as increased signal to noise ratio.

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