ProjectSAM – Symphobia 3 Lumina v1.6 (KONTAKT)

offer a full orchestra, choir, small ensembles and a wide range of new instruments, Lumina immerses you in a world of fantasy, mystery and inspiration, add depth and sophistication to your musical palette. Based on even more material, the third volume in the Symphobia series is the most ambitious release of all time.
The warmth and beauty of the joint performance of the choir and orchestra was embodied in the form of amazing ensembles. In addition, Lumina is filled with magnificent orchestral textures that span the full spectrum of the atmosphere of fantasy and mystery. Complemented by a grand piano, harp and percussion, these recordings are truly dazzling.

• It is aimed at an atmosphere of fantasy, mystery and inspiration
• Designed for films, TV and video games
• Inspirational combined instruments “Stories”
• Records of ensembles (including a full orchestra and choir)
• Chamber ensembles (including solo strings and soprano choir)
• Legato instruments ( including soprano voice)
• Guest instruments (including Celtic harp and double bass)
• Recording of an authentic concert hall
• Real-time mixing of microphones

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