Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio – Plugins Bundle 2021.4 VST, VST3, NKS, AAX x64

Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio Plugin Set.

• Bass Mint v1.0.0
• BYOME v1.1.3
• Dent v2.2.0
• Fault v1.3.0
• G8 v1.3.0
• Instant Delay
• LION v1.1.1 • Sandman Pro v1.3.0
• Sandman v1.3.0
• Silo v1.0.0
• SpecOps v1.2.0
• TRIAD v1.1.3
• Zip v1.3.0

Bass Mint is an innovative new tool for enhancing the low frequencies of individual tracks, stems and even entire mixes. It consists of five different modes, each with five carefully tuned controls that will dramatically improve your mixes.

Byome – Build Your Own Modular Effect

Dent is a radical distortion with sinister intent. You won’t find any sweet lamp and tape emulators here! Great for both music production and cinematic sound design, Dent distorts sounds at a wave cycle level until completely altered

Fault – No other plugin has the full ability to manipulate pitch and time like Fault. Whether you will use it in mixing or on a standalone track or in sound design to completely detract from the instruments beyond recognition, Fault is only limited by your imagination.

The G8 is an instrument that goes far beyond what any conventional noise gate can do. While it does a great job of common noise suppression and transient shaping, the G8’s MIDI I / O and alternate gate modes open up a world of possibilities that will let you forget you’re even using a gate.

Instant Delay is the newest delay plugin with the Modern Instant module borrowed from Sandman Pro.

LION is a synthesizer with an easy-to-use interface that has everything you need for fast patch creation, endless experimentation and intuitive sound design.

Sandman Pro – Delay plugin with a strong narcoleptic bias, Sandman uses the freeze mode of its delay buffer to create stunning loops and structures in which pitches can be resized, downscaled, reversed, contaminated with noise and modulated, transforming and altering sounds beyond recognition !

Sandman – Sandman can be used not only as a traditional delay, but also as a flanger, granulator, table-wave oscillator or something like that. Dual LFOs meet all your modulation needs. In addition, the plugin has a sleep mode that freezes your delay buffer to create loops.

SiLO – Reverb you’ve never heard before. The plugin harnesses the power of granular processing for incredibly rich and even otherworldly reverb sounds that you must hear to be believed.

SpecOps is dozens of plugins in one. Its easy-to-use interface is a packed arsenal of 36 varied and flexible spectral effects, from elusive to extreme. How you use these powerful tools will only be limited by your creative imagination

TRIAD – With the ability to split the signal into three bands and apply effects to each band individually, this three-headed beast will make the rest of the plugins ashamed. TRIAD takes advantage of the tremendous power of its single-band predecessor BYOME and brings new levels of control over countless onboard effects. In short, TRIAD is a 3-way frequency divider capable of handling low, mid and high frequencies with a variety of effects.

Zip – Zip among compressors is like Lamborghini among cars. Zip creates unique effects and instantly solves complex audio problems, leaving other traditional compressors behind.

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