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Plugin Alliance & Unfiltered Audio – LION v1.0 VST

After developing some of the most innovative and progressive audio processing tools in the plugin world, Unfiltered Audio reaches new heights thanks to its revolutionary synthesizer. LION is an unusually deep synthesizer with an easy-to-use interface that has everything you need to quickly create patches, endless experiments and an intuitive sound design.

Under the hood of LION is an architecture with two generators, each of which has 26 modes. These mods range from familiar classics to unique generators that aren’t anywhere else. Choose from synthesis of FM, subtractive or additive signals, “super” oscillator stacks, microsound, noise or variations of each of them!

Each algorithm has been specifically designed for deep modulation. In addition, each generator is equipped with an additional stereo mode, creating wide images at the synthesis level. From there, you can take advantage of LION’s deep manipulation of Unison with each parameter and Drift’s advanced tuning to produce rich, full, and lush sounds only with the help of oscillators, before you start looking for any external effects.

In addition, LION is also quite unique in that it makes mixing the oscillator one more opportunity for creative synthesis. The mixer offers various modes for combining two generators in ways not seen in any other synthesizer. The default algorithm acts like a standard crossfader, while more experimental modes such as bitwise operations, bidirectional sampling and hold, ring modulation, min. / Max., Wave landscapes and direct comparison operators, create a non-standard relationship between two oscillators, all of which lead to true amazing sounds.

The unmatched filterless modulation system is better than ever. Now it includes the massive MIDI In Modulator, which turns your game into numerous possibilities for deep expression. For example, you can control the filter cutoff knob by the last value of the MIDI note or modulate the tone of the oscillators using the Velocity control. With full MPE support, you can use controllers such as ROLI Seaboard or Sensel Morph for incredible voice articulation.

Thanks to all these features, you have the opportunity to create sounds that look as if they were created by a large chain of plug-ins, tabs and automation tools.
The power lies within

Many software synthesizers include a small library of forgettable effects, but with LION you can eliminate the need for external effect plugins. LION contains the already legendary BYOME effects string from Unfiltered Audio, a flexible library of more than 40 modulated effects. All LION synthesis engines and the BYOME string have access to the same modulation sources, so you can create complete presets with detailed chains of effects that respond to your game. The possibilities here are truly endless, and the factory library of almost 600 presets for different genres and styles will prove it to you.

Finally, LION adopts the Unfiltered Audio concept of “extraordinary sound design” and extends it with an improved version of the randomization mechanism that was introduced in BYOME. Scrolling through hundreds of presets for inspiration, you can take advantage of the new scalable depth of randomization. This allows you to add anything from a tiny number of variations each time to completely new presets that are almost unlike the original source.

All these features are enclosed in a single interface with clear, intuitive controls. Instead of wasting time watching lessons on the intricacies of the synthesizer, you can now focus on music.

So what are you waiting for? Try LION today to get a new perspective on what’s possible in the world of modern soft fusion.

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