Oz Soft – Genesis Pro v1.0.2 VSTi x86

Oz Soft Genesis Pro: an ultimately powerful virtual synthesizer that you definitely want to download. Three oscillators, many types of synthesis, huge opportunities, monstrous performance and an incredibly huge number of settings. Looks like he can do almost anything.

Independent developer Ammet Ozcan (Ummet Ozcan) introduced the virtual synthesizer Oz Soft Genesis Pro. The plugin unites many types of synthesis, and the developer himself calls the tool an “ultimate software synthesizer.”

Ammet claims to have used dozens and hundreds of software synthesizers, but constantly something was missing from them. For this reason, he decided to create his own synthesizer with a unique sound and a powerful engine that can create almost any signal. The developer describes Genesis Pro as “a digital version of his vision of sound synthesis.” No matter how difficult the description looks, the tool itself turned out to be quite simple to use.

Genesis Pro is designed so that its rich features do not create complexity in the work. The synthesizer interface is simple and familiar to most of these developments. Nevertheless, each knob hides a number of unique settings that are displayed on the central display when the knob is touched. This approach allows you to make the synthesizer convenient for both beginners and experienced users: beginners will have enough interaction with the main regulator, while advanced users can easily get under the hood to customize each element of the instrument. Ozkan notes that the synthesizer is not afraid of complex settings and offers to get into the settings as far as possible.

Oz Soft Genesis Pro is equipped with three main oscillators with different sounds. Each oscillator offers a huge palette of a wide variety of sounds and several types of synthesis: subtractive, sampling, frequency modulation, phase distortion, a combination of different forms of a sound wave. Different syntheses can be used simultaneously or independently, combining and mixing them together. Oscillators are connected with other sections of sound generation and processing – when changing the type of synthesis, the principles of operation of filters and envelopes also change.

The filters are designed with an emphasis on analog processing and offer eight types of signal filtering as well as saturation capabilities. Finally, the synthesizer is equipped with a rich effects section, consisting of additional filters and customary treatments like distortion, overdrive, delay, reverb and others. According to the developer, the effects do not make the synthesizer sound, but serve only as a tool for final processing and polishing the sound, so the section works somewhat independently of the rest of the Genesis Pro.
Each control can control other elements of the synthesizer. The modulation section offers two low-frequency oscillators with different sound waves (the modulated parameter is marked by a luminous halo around the regulator). In addition, the synthesizer has four ADSR envelopes, a step modulator, and two source-to-destination modulators within the matrix. Users can link any components to each other to change the final sound.

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